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Carbonplace is an innovative settlement platform under development to facilitate simple, transparent, and secure transfers of certified carbon credits.

Carbonplace is being developed by a group of financial institutions, and is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2022.

Once completed, Carbonplace will facilitate:

Settlement infrastructure for
marketplaces and exchanges.

Increased delivery of high-
quality carbon credit projects.

A strong ecosystem for the
voluntary carbon market.

The development of tools to help
clients manage climate risk.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Built on a secure, energy-efficient distributed ledger technology, Carbonplace will simplify the purchase of carbon credits for businesses committed to transition to a net zero future.

The Role of the Voluntary Carbon Market

The voluntary carbon market has a critical role in supporting the transition of corporations to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, as part of their climate action strategies. Carbon credits are bought by corporations looking to compensate for emissions that they cannot reduce or remove. The credits fund high-quality projects that couldn’t have been funded otherwise, and which either avoid greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere, or remove carbon dioxide from it.

Founding members

Carbonplace is being developed by eight of the world’s largest financial institutions.

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