Changing how carbon
credits are bought and sold

By building on the existing banking infrastructure, we’ve made the complex world of carbon markets simple.

Built to connect everyone

Carbonplace enables the accessibility, trust, and transparency required for the voluntary carbon market to scale and accelerate global climate action.

Backed by banks with a global client base, the platform connects the markets, and registries of the voluntary carbon market directly to customers in different geographic markets.

Once onboard you can effortlessly manage, transact, and retire credits with a Carbonplace account. It facilitates quick, secure, and traceable transfers of ownership, along with easy reporting. Easy as that.

How the platform works

Carbonplace sits at the centre of the complex carbon markets and seamlessly connects buyers, sellers, and registries.

When a buyer and seller transact, there is no need to prefund cash or asset, ultimately allowing standard T+2 DvP.

Carbonplace infrastructure efficiently reduces time to market, as well as operational and credit risk.

Detailed information is stored on the platform giving customers full control of every transaction, allowing you to buy, manage, and sell credits effortlessly. The platform also provides comprehensive ledger, audit, and reporting capabilities.

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It’s simple

All transactions adhere to a single set of prudential rules, removing the need for bilateral contracts between buyers and sellers, making it possible to retire credits within minutes, and reducing the burden of individually negotiated transactions.

It’s secure

Carbonplace’s robust KYC/AML will deliver an improved level of security, allowing customers to benefit from a trusted settlement system.

It’s transparent

Carbonplace’s full ledger, audit, and reporting functionality will manage the carbon credit lifecycle from inception to retirement, offering reliable records of ownership of carbon credits and reducing the risks of double counting.
Given it boasts shareholders and contacts spanning the breadth of the banking and financial industry, Carbonplace is arguably well placed to lead this new frontier for carbon credit trading.

Where the emerging world of carbon markets meets the established world of banking.

It’s a settlement technology

Carbonplace technology will allow simultaneous settlement of carbon credits, with immediate transfer of ownership upon payment.

It’s a distribution network

Carbonplace has a significant distribution capacity and will partner with exchanges, marketplaces, and registries across the world.

It’s an account

The Carbonplace account will allow clients to easily manage, retire, and real-time transact carbon credits.

Access the carbon markets
the right way

Unlock the potential of the carbon market without
risk and complexity.
Carbonplace takes the guesswork out of verified Carbon Credits and makes it easier than ever before to trade and retire credits for your organisation or customers.

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