How It Works

Carbonplace’s unique blockchain-enabled distributed ledger technology will fundamentally change how carbon credits are bought and sold.


With the global reach, access, and capabilities of its founding members, Carbonplace will enable the accessibility, trust, and transparency required for the voluntary carbon market to scale and accelerate global climate action.


Backed by banks with a global client base, Carbonplace will connect the markets, registries and exchanges of the voluntary carbon market directly to millions of customers in different geographic markets.

It’s simple

The Carbonplace Rulebook will ensure that all members of the platform adhere to a single set of prudential rules, removing the need for bilateral contracts between buyers and sellers, making it possible to retire credits within minutes, and reducing the burden of individually negotiated transactions.


It’s secure

Carbonplace’s robust KYC/AML will deliver a newfound level of security, allowing customers to rely on the banks they already trust for settlement purposes.


It’s transparent

Carbonplace’s full ledger, audit, and reporting functionality will manage the carbon credit lifecycle from inception to retirement, offering reliable records of ownership of carbon credits and reducing the risks of double counting.


With connections to marketplaces and registries across the globe, Carbonplace will also enable customers to learn all the details about the credit they are buying, and to compare it with other credits, bringing price transparency to the market.

Where the emerging world of carbon markets meets the established world of banking.

It’s a settlement technology
Carbonplace’s blockchain-enabled distributed ledger technology will allow simultaneous settlement of carbon credits, with immediate transfer of ownership upon payment.

It’s a distribution network
Carbonplace has a significant distribution capacity and will partner with exchanges, marketplaces, and registries across the world.
It's a wallet
The Carbonplace digital wallet will allow clients to easily manage, store, and real-time transact carbon credits.

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