What is Carbonplace?

Carbonplace is a global carbon credit transaction network that enables the simple, transparent, and secure transfer of certified carbon credits.

Established by a group of banks committed to driving climate action at scale, Carbonplace is a crucial piece of infrastructure that will open the voluntary carbon market to the world.

What problem will Carbonplace solve?

The infrastructure of the voluntary carbon market is not designed to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand for carbon credits.

Carbonplace’s blockchain-enabled distributed ledger technology combined with the existing compliance frameworks of Carbonplace’s founding member banks, will enable the accessibility, trust and transparency required for the voluntary carbon market to scale up and drive large-scale investment for urgently needed global climate action.

What kind of credits will customers be able to buy on Carbonplace?

We will be partnering with registries, exchanges, and marketplaces that adhere to internationally-recognized standards (e.g., Verra, Gold Standard, CAR, ACR, etc.) and eventually those adhering to the Integrity Council’s Core Carbon Principles.

Are carbon credits a form of greenwashing?

Here at Carbonplace, we believe in real, market-driven climate action, not greenwashing. Organizations should be using carbon credits as part of a larger, credible climate strategy.

How is Carbonplace bringing the world closer to net zero emissions?

Global demand for voluntary carbon credits is expected to increase fifteenfold by 2030 and hundredfold before 2050[1].

Resilient, flexible and modern infrastructure that ensures access, trust, and transparency is essential for the voluntary carbon market to grow, and in turn drive investment in projects that avoid, reduce, and remove as many greenhouse gas emissions as possible as quickly as it can.

The instant, secure, and traceable settlement of carbon credit transactions via a secure, distribution network, like Carbonplace, is a linchpin in scaling the voluntary carbon market.

[1] www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/sustainability/our-insights/a-blueprint-for-scaling-voluntary-carbon-markets-to-meet-the-climate-challenge


Does the volatility of the voluntary carbon market, as well as fluctuating carbon credit prices, concern Carbonplace?

The voluntary carbon market is consistently growing due to increased demand; however, like any market, it is subject to fluctuations depending on various factors, including geopolitical events.

Will customers be able to buy compliance carbon credits on Carbonplace?

No. Carbonplace will only provide access to voluntary carbon credits.

How will the carbon credit exchanges and marketplaces benefit from Carbonplace?

All market participants, including exchanges and marketplaces, benefit from increased access to the voluntary carbon markets. This results in greater price certainty and transparency.

Who can use Carbonplace?

Carbonplace will be open to financial institutions, exchanges, marketplaces, and registries looking to use more efficient settlement systems, as well as companies who want to buy and transfer carbon credits directly and securely.

How can I partner with Carbonplace?

If you are interested in exploring a partnership with Carbonplace or simply want to learn more about the platform, please provide your details by clicking the ‘Get in touch’ link.

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