Secure access to
a global network
through your bank

Whether you are buying or selling carbon credits, Carbonplace gives you a way to manage your assets and meet your climate goals via one simple dashboard.

The complete solution for the carbon market of the future

Carbonplace is the singular solution which allows you to access the carbon market through your existing bank. Simplicity, accessibility, and transparency is at the heart of every transaction.
It allows simultaneous settlement of carbon credits, with immediate transfer of ownership upon payment.

Seamlessly connects buyers, sellers, exchanges, and registries globally through their trusted banks.​

Users are onboarded through their banks, creating a trading network built on safety and compliance.​

Traceable ownership, price transparency, reporting functionality, and transaction insights gives you trust and confidence with every transaction.

Where the emerging world of carbon markets meets the established world of finance

Carbonplace is the only carbon market solution built and powered by the world’s leading banks.
The platform enables the simple, transparent, and secure transfer of certified carbon credits between buyers and sellers around the world through a bank you already trust – yours.
Book a demo today and see how the user-friendly platform can work for you.

Connecting you to the carbon market with confidence​

Existing bank infrastructure

Your e-banking platform becomes a gateway to the carbon market with Carbonplace’s integrated digital account.

The user-friendly platform enables organisations of all sizes to easily discover and invest in vetted climate solutions across various technologies and geographies, supported by expert advisory services.

Protected transactions

Trade with confidence through the bank you already trust with verified credits, standardised transaction terms and no need for intermediaries.

Total control

Your Carbonplace dashboard gives you full control of every transaction, allowing you to buy, manage, and sell credits effortlessly. The platform also provides comprehensive ledger, audit, and reporting capabilities.

Given it boasts shareholders and contacts spanning the breadth of the banking and financial industry, Carbonplace is arguably well placed to lead this new frontier for carbon credit trading.

Making the complicated world of carbon markets simple

We understand the complexity of the carbon markets and the potential risk to the reputation of your customers’ businesses and brands.
By embedding Carbon Credit trading into the global banking infrastructure we’ve added multiple layers of security and confidence for every member.
Our investment into this global network means everyone can be confident in taking the next steps towards Net Zero.

Our strategic partners

Leading market stakeholders partner with us in pioneering the financialisation of the carbon market.

Access the carbon markets
the right way

Unlock the potential of the carbon market without
risk and complexity.
Carbonplace takes the guesswork out of verified Carbon Credits and makes it easier than ever before to trade and retire credits for your organisation or customers.

Let’s get started. Book a demo today.

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