Opening the carbon market to the world

Developed by leading financial institutions committed to driving climate action at scale, Carbonplace’s unique technology enables the trust, transparency, and accessibility required to open the voluntary carbon market to the world and accelerate global climate action.

Building investment in net zero, at scale

The carbon credits market will direct the large-scale investment needed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. It does this through guiding investment to funding carbon reduction and removal projects.
As companies continue to set ambitious climate pledges, the global voluntary carbon market plays a critical role in the transition to a net zero economy. However, today’s voluntary carbon market is not equipped to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand for carbon credits.

Until now, the voluntary carbon market has relied on bilateral trading, which can be slow, opaque, and risky, reducing trust in the market.

Carbonplace recognised the instant, secure, and traceable settlement of carbon credit transactions via a secure, distribution network is a key factor in scaling the voluntary carbon market.
By creating the platform to conduct secure and efficient transactions, Carbonplace instils the confidence needed for the market to scale and deliver urgently needed large-scale investment in climate action – from reforestation initiatives to innovation in carbon capture technologies.

Carbonplace is built and backed by a group of banks driven by their shared ambition to support urgent, large-scale climate action.

In 2020, Carbonplace was formed by a group of banks who came together to tackle the challenge of strengthening the growing voluntary carbon market. The group recognises the need for true collaboration between the financial sector and other carbon market participants to bring trust, transparency, and access to the voluntary carbon market.

Built to connect everyone


To be the nexus of the marketplaces, exchanges, and registries that make up the voluntary carbon market. To connect millions of buyers and sellers to certified carbon credits, with confidence.


To offer reliable records of ownership for carbon credits, enabling owners to demonstrate possession to the market, reducing risks of double counting, and simplifying reporting.


To instil trust in the market. With robust KYC/AML (Know Your Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering) verification, buyers and sellers can rely on the banks they already trust for settlement purposes.

Our strategic partners

Leading market stakeholders partner with us in pioneering the financialisation of the carbon market.

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